About Us

The new way for the Success

Tecnocomp is a consulting company for IT solutions, dedicated to the use of Microsoft platforms to support companies in their growth. Through proven solutions, Tecnocomp helps firms to reinvest in technology innovation, creating software projects at a reduced cost, to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Who We Are

The Tecnocomp provides managed services and technology solutions for businesses. Of course, we do much more than simply offering technology solutions and outsourcing. We Tecnocomp we offer clients the exclusive competence acquired through our experience sui generis with partners and customers.Take a look and you'll understand exactly what we mean.

Our solutions are born from a combination of experience, innovation and knowledge of technologies like few companies can match. We offer an optimal mix of skills - with the support of tools - methodologies and best practices that reduce the costs and risks associated with implementation. To put it more simply, we know how to make ourselves useful. Spend a bit 'of your time to discover Tecnocomp and in a short time that the success of our customers is the basis of everything we do. It is our motivation.

We are committed so that you can achieve your IT project. That's what we did and we do for our customers, we have the experience and proven solutions to help reduce costs, increase productivity and improve collaboration to become more agile and increase the loyalty of your customers. In other words, you can achieve unprecedented results!